I’ve got what Kate had!

Signed off with hyperemesis gravidarum today. No, I’m not a spelling genius. Good old Google to the rescue! My mum’s reaction was, ‘isn’t that what Kate had?’ As if Kate Middleton is a much-loved family friend!
Many women, my mum and I included, have little to no idea of the impact this pregnancy illness can have on women and their families.

For the last 5 weeks, I’m been a shivering state of nausea and vomiting, unable to keep much in at all. Even writing the word food is sending me into a sickness frenzy, trying to suppress the sickly acid in my throat. I can’t bear it. I’m struggling to even keep water down at the moment. The bowl by the side of my bed has become a permanent feature. I even thought I’d buy one in white, as the current garish pink one makes it seem to glow with self-importance.

Having time off work is not ideal. My boss, I’m sure, will have very little time for me, but what can you do when merely speaking for extended periods makes you heave? Equally, adding to the angst of missing work, is the knowledge that there are at least three, childless, young and super eager whipper-snappers who would just love to jump into my professional boots. I bet their eyes lit up like feeding time at the zoo when they heard of my absence this morning.

My bosses just attach themselves onto the shiny, unrelenting, yes-sirs, forgetting that they too will soon start to have families and lose a little of their work-hunger. Their time will soon be split between trying to forge out the ideal ‘work – life’ balance. Many mums see the mere title of this phrase as an oxymoron! It’s hard, incredibly so, heightened further by unsupportive bosses, who see pregnant woman as dead weights, needing to be cut free, and fast.

What will be on the menu for today? Sleep, luckily. Fortunately, my LO is in nursery, so I’m free to sink under the covers until it’s pick-up time. Trying to remain an attentive and fun-loving mother to him is my priority, but this vile sickness is making everything so difficult.

The doctor said it will hopefully pass in two weeks, but it may continue for some time. Dear Lord, if you exist, please take away this sickness monster from my body. I’ve well and truly had enough.