Medal winners

Anyone else feel like the end of the day with toddlers is comparable to finishing a marathon?

Think about the events which occur every single day as a parent: the endless meals, snacks and clearing up; the conversations and babble-deciphering; the tantrums and tears; the endless running around after a wild, voraciously curious and wobbly toddler and the monotony which is toy tidying. The list is quite simply exhaustive.

Sometimes, we should just take a step back and reflect on the fact that, for another day, we’ve kept them alive and happy! Parenting is tough: bloody tough.

My friend uses one of those fit watch things – a waste of £100 if you ask me, but she says it helps her on the road to becoming a Victoria’s Secret, well, when we’re not inhaling cake it does anyway. Today, she was telling me that she’d already racked 14,000 steps and this was at 3pm.

It’s exhausting, parenting, wonderfully exhausting. You’re running around like a manic, over worked Duracell bunny, most days.

Like many other working parents, I continue my day’s work post put-down, dinner and dog walk, so I never feel guilty about indulging in a naughty dessert a few times a week, because who needs a gym when you’re a parent, right?! Somedays, I even forget to pee I’m that busy.

What I’m going to do more of though, if time allows, is to stop and give myself credit for getting through the day, and keeping that beautiful, toothy grin on my LO’s face. Us Brits aren’t well known for self-appreciation. In fact, showing pride in one’s achievements is still seen by some as self-indulgent.

Whatever your thoughts are, I believe that the majority of parents are medal winners already. They’re doing one of the most special and humbling roles around: being a carer.